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Rosalía Gasso and Alejandro Barrientos are professional tango performers, instructors, and choreographers from Buenos Aires, Argentina who live in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Currently Rosalia and Alejandro travel around the WORLD as part of Tango Festivals, Shows and Dance Schools sharing their vast experience as instructors and performers.

All over the USA- they teach and perform in several States.

Rosalia and Alejandro are working for the “Embassy of Argentina” in Washington DC providing workshops and performances during special events. They also perform with the renowned “Pan American Symphony Orchestra” under the direction of Sergio Buslje. They have regular lessons every summer in California at the famous “Karina Smirnoff Dance Studio” acclaimed dancer from the TV show "Dancing with the Stars".



While in Buenos Aires, they were permanent members of the cast of the prestigious tango shows like “Esquina Homero Manzi” and "Viejo Almacén". Teaching in the most important tango schools at “Teatro San Martin”, “Centro Cultural Borges” and “Centro Cultural Recoleta


 Their other accomplishments include:


  • Dancing for the Queen and King of Spain “Juan Carlos y Sofía” (1998) at Assuming Commands of the military divisions GALA in Marín.

  • Participating in numerous Tango Festivals around the world, performing on stage with artists such as Alberto Podesta, Adriana Varela, María Graña, Horacio Ferrer and others.


  • Dancing with the renowned dance companies critically-acclaimed like  “Tanguera” by  Mora Godoy, and “Entre Borges y Piazzolla” by Juan Carlos Copes”.


  • Working off Broadway in New York  with the  directors Robert Royston and Mariela Franganillo, at “SWANGO” the renowned West Coast Swing and Tango fusion show.


  •   Joining  the cast of  "Maria de Buenos Aires” opera by Horacio Ferrer and Astor Piazzolla as part of the “Opera House” of “Teatro Colón” in Buenos Aires”

  • Directors and choreographers of Gala Reception for the “Princess Takamado of Japan” at the AFA, Argentina (2013).


  •  Organizing and choreographing a highly successful tango show, touring several countries with 14 dancers and a complete tango orchestra. Experiencing a great success in Seoul, South Korea in 2009.

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